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From Vision to Reality

In the minds and hearts of two successful business partners in Southern California, an idea had been percolating for decades. Their experience in the skilled nursing industry had given birth to a vision for patient care that stirred so much of their passion and excitement, they almost didn’t dare speak it into existence. But soon, there would be a brand that would capture that passion, a film that would share the vision broadly, and a meeting with a diverse group of construction, healthcare, and operational personnel that would kickstart the process of making their vision a reality. How did it all happen? That’s where WB Creative comes in.

Plum Healthcare, one of California’s largest skilled nursing networks, approached WB Creative with a unique opportunity: for the first time in its history, Plum would build a new skilled nursing facility from the ground up. Based on Plum’s many years of skilled care and widely regarded expertise, the state-of-the-art post-acute facility would incorporate innovations that had never been introduced in the field and signify a bold new step for the organization. WB was tasked to lead creation of a new, market-ready brand that would introduce Plum’s new standard of care, drive customer growth, and promote trust among key stakeholders (including contractors and suppliers, partner healthcare networks, and state and local governments).


WB spent hours facilitating individual and group discussions with key members of the project’s core team, aiming to draw out the inspiring big ideas that were at the essence of the project. Each discussion brought greater depth and new insights. Based on their research, WB generated a collection of more than 15 potential brand names and creative treatments, each fundamentally connected to the purposes of the new facility and the basic human principles at its core. In the end, the “Plum” brand itself pointed the way. The idea of nurturing growth—in plum trees and people—led the team to consider various support structures, such as a wooden stake, a garden wall, and . . .  a trellis—which became the new brand identity. Trellis. Both the new building and the new care model would reflect the definition of that word: “A framework chiefly used to support growth.”

Trellis Branding w Monument_Page_23_edited.jpg

During the following months, as plans for the building were finalized, WB led creation of a new brand identity and style guide for Trellis in collaboration with their design partner, Salt Lake City’s The Design Farm, and Plum’s internal creative team. The new brand incorporated a structural serif letter T – a representation of a trellis – with buds and vines of new growth stretching across its lattices.

WB also led production of new brand media for Trellis, focusing the film’s concept on the many trellises exhibited in Utah’s expansive Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point.

As the construction site began to be prepared for the project, WB consulted on how the Trellis brand should be incorporated within the building itself. Signage, interior design themes, and even an actual trellis in the building’s courtyard were all added under WB’s fully integrated creative direction.

In its final consultation on the project, the WB team produced the groundbreaking event for Trellis on site in Chino, CA, complete with green tipped Trellis shovels as takeaways for all 70+ participants.

Trellis Shovels.jpeg

The Trellis brand has now expanded to include three post-acute facilities with many more to come.

Turning a vision of better healing into a reality? That’s Creative that Matters.

Do you need help developing a deep brand that carries the power of your vision and breathes life into your creative work?

Let’s talk. WB would love to bring Creative that Matters to your organization.

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